Raising A Baby Activist: The Series – A Razzle Dazzle Mommy Announcement

Google defines an activist as:
  1. a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.
  2. “police arrested three activists”
  3. synonyms: militantzealotprotesterMore


  1. campaigning to bring about political or social change.
    I have always considered myself an activist.  I’ve joined hands (Remember Hands Across America in the 80s?), walked out for peace, marched for rights and against injustices.
    Our Baby Activist
    AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2015 – 2 months old
    I’ve made signs, felt deeply, argued passionately, spoken up loudly and held true to those things that I believe in.  I will stand up against injustice, when I’m aware of it, and I’ve been called “passionate”. Haha! You could say that..

    When we became parents to a daughter, I knew that I had to be an example to her.  When Trump became president last year, I lost my mind with fear and panic because the fact that I have a daughter turned into the conscious – and necessary – realization that I have a Black daughter, and Don John gave racists and bigots everywhere permission to come out of the holes from whence they were hidden.


    And they did.  They danced in the streets, celebrating the permission to openly hate people of color, the LGBTQA community, women and anyone else they damn well please.  And they have not stopped since.  The KKK received a reboot after being shoved into the dark corners of society, left to hate under the guise of policemen and bar drinkers.  An over simplifiction?  Perhaps, but it’s not untrue.

    1485069766031Then, they killed Heather Heyer, and he publicly excused them.  As I watched her mother talk to the world, I ached for her.  It was my daughter’s second birthday. I also stood with her in solidarity to never let her daughter’s flame go out.  She did not die in vain.

    Photo by Lola Shahdadi

    As Lynne & I have paid close attention to this year of madness, we have vowed to raise our daughter to be an activist.  I now delve into the topics at hand, and those which have long concerned me, along with issues new to my life.  We will go beyond wearing pussy hats and making signs.  Our daughter will know what an actual activist looks like, acts like and thinks like because she lives it.


    In some of my future posts, I will have the series “Raising a Baby Activist”.  I have a lineup of activists who are so excited to share their stories of strength and change-making.  I am so excited that I could not wait and had to share this news!
    Stay tuned because it is going to be AWESOME.

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