Happy Holidays! 5 Ways to Make the Holidays as Awesome as Thanksgiving.

Merry Christmahanuwanza!  As pumpkin spice is not-so-subtly shoved aside for peppermint everything, I wanted to be sure to gift you with a holiday post.  Our family celebrates Christmas, and honors all other holidays, and I have to tell you that as hard as I try, I hate Christmas.

There.  I said it.

I got this and the idea of our elf toilet papering the tree from Pinterest. Such fun!

I love aspects of  it; decorating the tree, and now that Ella is 2, stuff like Elf on the Shelf is a hilarious challenge and tons of fun.  My wife & I make an epic amount of Christmas cookies to take to all of our neighbors.  That part is awesome.

But the rest of it – the “hustle and bustle” (aka the shit storm of chaos) is for the birds! It’s stressful, expensive, unnecessarily complicated and it makes me miss the simplicity of Thanksgiving.  I wish we could combine the two seasons;  Just a turkey, family, friends, a tree, an elf and some alcohol.  So delicious and simple. 


There are awesome ways to simplify, but they require discipline..

  1. You can give handmade gifts, like photo ornaments — so let’s hope everyone you give a gift to wants a photo of your child on their tree or in their home at all.
  2. Bake cookies and give those as gifts — as long as you aren’t a mediocre baker that will be amazing amidst the 300 lbs of junk food already trickling into to every home in the name of festivities.
  3. Call your family and tell them  that you aren’t giving gifts this year — and find that one relative who starts a rumor that you’re having money problems (there’s always one).
  4. Make it about the kids — I have nothing snarky to say about this.  I love this idea best of all.
  5. Keep it light and fun! — Seriously.  As soon as we took this approach, the holiday became about our little family, friends, food and fun, and I stopped being stressed.  We spend time with the people we love and eat and drink to our hearts content.. just like Thanksgiving.

    View More: http://paolaspagnolettiphotography.pass.us/witmer2017
    From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

19 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! 5 Ways to Make the Holidays as Awesome as Thanksgiving.

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  1. Cuteness overload!! This is a great list to keep in mind since the holidays can get a bit out of control right! I’m a huge advocate for handmade gifts and truly celebrating family and the reason for the season instead of the hustle and bustle.

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  2. Can I start by saying how precious your little one looks in her tutu??!! 🤗 I enjoyed reading your tips! And the baking cookies is such a good idea! I had a neighbor surprise us with a tin of fresh baked (still hot!) cookies and it was such a welcome treat!

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  3. OMG, i just stumbled across the pic of ella with santa. where she was crying. its epic! are you free tue or wed for a santa visit? i never volunteered. i was waiting to see what date a wake would be and it just slipped my mind. I LOVE you’re writing by the way. so much better than all the other interracial lesbian mommy blogs i follow 🙂


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  4. I love the third idea call evryone and say you are not giving any gifts😂 hillarious!!! Well, how truely you describe your happy family holidays!!! Wish to enjoy every holiday with less stress and more fun.

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