5 Instagram Shops for Children That Dazzle Me

Instagram: @TheRazzleDazzleMommy When I met my daughter for the first time, I was captivated.  When we shopped for her first outfit, I was nervous.. This was her first outfit.  In that moment, my inner fashionista was born. I have never been a shopper for myself, but I absolutely love shopping for and dressing my child!  And it... Continue Reading →

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As I join the world in trying to make heads or tails of the fact that the United States has more school shootings than any other country in the world, I was given the direction to "Define Heaven". Our children are Heaven. They hold the future in their hands, and must be kept safe. Heaven... Continue Reading →

Sister Helen Prejean – Raising a Baby Activist

“Ignited passion can happen at any age.”  We are so often paralyzed by the injustice of a situation.  Once you’ve made that realization, do something.  If Sister Helen can accomplish coming to this understanding at 40, imagine what young people can do.  The sooner you start, the easier it is to apply human dignity to your work daily and effectively.  There are different levels of commitment, but every person has the ability to do something.

How to Choose Your Word of the Year

Happy New Year!  As I end the first day of 2018, I want to share a process that has a very special place in my life.  It's a consciousness-building exercise that I have found eliminates the sense of failure when my "resolve" leaves me.  Instead of the stress of a New Year Resolution, I choose a... Continue Reading →

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