Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.. You Dazzle Me

Ella is 2 today.  That means that we have been together for the best 725 days of my life.  725 days of the most fun, the most heart-swelling moments, with the sweetest, kindest soul I know. 725 daysof being her Mommy.  I cannot, in my wildest dreams, imagine a greater honor.We have a dream-come-true foster-to-adopt... Continue Reading →

Dear Scottsdale, AZ, You Dazzled Us!

Traveling with a toddler can be intimidating.  As infants, they're so portable, predictable, go-with-the-flow in comparison.  As we prepared to tag along on L's business trip to Scottsdale, AZ, I knew that we had to prepare in a whole new way.  Ella is a laid back little girl, but she's still a toddler and lack... Continue Reading →

What Dazzles Me – DinDin Smart Bus Platter

I've decided to post some of my favorite things related to kids and parenting, beginning with this gem from InnoBaby.  At this time, nobody has given me products or paid me to talk about or photograph their products. • Such a fabulous platter, designed with perfectly portioned sections that baby simply loves to eat from.... Continue Reading →

Raising a Baby Activist

+In August 2016, after a bunch of pretty severe tummy troubles, just a few days after Ella's first birthday, my dear uncle was diagnosed with cancer at the esophageal/stomach junction. Less than 3 months later, Donald J. Drumpf was elected. 2 weeks later, my uncle died. I haven't been myself since. Both events absolutely shattered... Continue Reading →

Bonding With Adoption

On the day you were born, all the gods got together and threw a BIG party!  They decided that you, Mommy, Momma & Lucy should be a family.  And so we are going to take you home today.  You are our dream, come true.

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