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Our family loves food!When we eat at home, we prefer to follow a Paleo-ish diet.  Whole foods are a priority to us as well.  So, as we raise our daughter, we made helping her develop a diverse & healthy palette a priority for meal and snack time.  We eat together, at the dinner table on a regular basis.  As a result, we have a tiny 2-year-old who eats like a famine is just around the corner.  And now we have an extra pair of hands to assist in meal preparations and clean up as well.

Since I didn’t inherit my mom’s incredible talent as a cook, I often rely on the wisdom of others who share recipes online.  So, when a friend recommended Baby FoodE  I was absolutely delighted to find a wonderful blog whose tag line is adventurous recipes for babies & toddlers.  I’ve had fun trying out various recipes, and EllaBean is always up for eating what I serve up!

I recently read one of her posts with recipes about popsicles for babies and toddlers that are made of fruits & vegetables.  I had molds that I’ve been using to freeze yogurt as a sweet treat, but they are huuuuge, and unmanageable for tiny hands, so I took the advice in the post and ordered Zoku Mini Molds.

Our first batch are the Strawberry, Raspberry, (butternut) Squash.  With my lovely assistant by my side, we had so much fun making this easy  recipe today.  Since I roasted my own butternut squash, I also have enough for another batch of pops (mango, pineapple, squash) and tomorrow’s starch ready to heat as a bonus.   Honey, maple syrup or agave nectar are optional sweeteners, and I added a tiny drop of honey because I overdid it on the lemon juice.  I added some acai puree for extra antioxidants, and that’s all it took.  The result was ready in just over 2 hours – just in time for dessert – and they are delicious!

Even as summer comes to an end, I will continue to make these frozen treats.  The health benefits of everything in them are all that I could ask for, and the molds are awesome!  I didn’t have to run water over them or struggle to pull them out.  I just pushed the bottom round up and the perfect size pop for Bean’s little hands pop out on a tiny handle.  They are also awesome for a little something sweet for parents too.  Well done, and thanks so much to BabyFoodE for helping me on my quest to dazzle my little girl with good eats.

If you have a favorite toddler recipe, please share in the comments section.

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